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Sushi City is a fast food Japanese restaurant and has four location points at Vilnius: Savanorių 1, S. Žukausko 49, Vilniaus 19, Viršuliškių 40. It is a place targeted to meet not only busy people eating habits but also to satisfy the needs of exotic food fans as well as city guests whose goal is to try delicious Sushi in Vilnius. Although we are a fast food restaurant we pay extraordinary attention to dish making traditions. Overall, if you are searching for Sushi place in Vilnius – look for a Sushi City.

It has been a long time since we are the admirers of sunrise land cuisine and this is why we are very proud to serve Japanese courses, especially Sushi in Vilnius. We are aware that Sushi is the most popular as well as the most representative Japanese cuisine course. The main products which dominate in this dish are rice, fish, vegetables and seafood. This is why one of the most important principles that Sushi City follows is to serve only fresh products and dishes.

Sushi City title reflects the concept of Vilnius city – a busy, fast, always moving city. Here like in all other mega cities dominates the variety and action. We believe that you will be surprised by Sushi City pleasant environment, fast service and a wide variety of food. Our menu will offer you to choose not only from different kind of sushi but also various soups, salads, snacks and deserts. In addition to that, we are offering hot sushi selection which has recently retained a lot of attention from our visitors. We think that this course attracts not only the ones which are looking for warmth during a cold day but also those who prefer baked fish rather than the raw.

If you want to have your lunch or dinner at home or your working place you can order our food by phone and we will deliver it to you at the most convenient time. Thus, if you are interested in our services and sushi in Vilnius – look for Sushi City.

To conclude, the main concept of fast food restaurant Sushi City is based on the fast service, high quality products, meals variety for the affordable price and the delivery of home/work orders. In other words, Sushi City is a city in a city. We believe that you will come back again when you have tried Sushi City once. This belief is based on the satisfactory comments of our clients saying that the Sushi City is the place with exclusively selected sushi flavors in Vilnius.

If you are looking for sushi in Vilnius – visit Sushi City!

Order by Phone:

 +370 610 21000

Savanorių pr. 1 (PC Helios city), Vilnius

 +370 618 86555

Žukausko st. 49, Vilnius

 +370 626 33666

Vilniaus g. 19, Vilnius

+370 612 88333

Viršuliškių st. 40 (PC MADA), Vilnius

  +370 626 25444

Sausio 13 – osios st. 2 (PC Maxima), Vilnius

 +370 618 86555

Home delivery